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Pauline D'Amboise

Gouvernance et Développement durable du Mouvement Desjardins
Secrétaire générale et vice-présidente

Pauline D’Amboise is Secretary General and Vice-President of Governance and Sustainable Development at Desjardins Group. She is responsible for developing and reviewing initiatives related to governance, organizational ethics and sustainable development. Pauline plays an advisory role with the Desjardins Group Board of Directors, Board of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and the President and CEO, supporting them in their roles and responsibilities. She has extensive experience in the areas of corporate governance, organizational ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Under her leadership, Desjardins has adhered to best governance practices, integrated social responsibility and sustainable development principles into its strategy and operations, and established an ethics and professional conduct advisory service for all its entities. Pauline holds a master’s degree in organizational ethics from Université de Sherbrooke and the title of certified corporate director from Université Laval.